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Interior and Exterior Perspectives
Appartment A  
Appartment B  
Technical Specifications
Building Specifications
Mechnical Systems
-  Two Panoramic passenger elevators and one service elevator, MITSUBISHI.
-  Direct Expansion (DX) ducted central/split air-conditioning system located on the same floor level,CARRIER, LG.
-  Central boiler plant on gas with individual counters for each apartment, FERROLI, DIETRICH, or equivalent .
-  Aluminum heating radiators ROCCA, FERROLI.
-  Artesian well and water treatment plant.
-  Common water tank.
-  Polypropylene pipes inside the apartments, European galvanized steel pipes in circulation and common areas for cold water and UPVC pipes (European standards) for sewage and drainage.
-  Double speed mechanical ventilation for the basements floors.
-  Design of cooling, heating and ventilation and load calculation shall be as per ASHRAE international standards.

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