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Interior and Exterior Perspectives
Appartment A  
Appartment B  
Technical Specifications
Building Specifications
Architecture and Structure
-  Modern and sturdy seismic design (acceleration 2m/s-2).
-  Main façades in stone cladding (mechanically mounted).
-  Exquisite landscaping (with automatic irrigation system to all common areas and planters).
-  Spacious lobby surrounded by gardens and finished in rich marble, glass, wood and stainless steel.
-  Double walls for all external masonry (minimum 3 cm airspace).
-  Double-glazed panels for all doors and windows. Aluminum profile TECHNAL.
-  Aluminum rolling shutters (TECHNOSHADE)DOMECO.
-  Private storage rooms for all apartments.
-  2 parking spaces per apartment.
-  Parking spaces for guests.
-  Polyurethane paint for parking area floor.

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